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Considering a Cloud-Computing Platform

In your eyes, what might be the most important part of making your business excel? Using customer input and activity online to design individualized plans for future gains may be the new way to go. Before data became “Big Data”, companies in banking, medicine, marketing, and service industries alike relied on customer feedback via website […]

Who’s Already Benefiting from The Cloud?

In order to evolve as a country we learn how to make the way we do business more and more efficient everyday. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important in most areas of business due to the advantage of having important information in a safe place that is also easily accessible to others in your company. […]

In the “Age of Big Data”, How is Education Improving?

The analytical use of data is creeping into everyday life. In the classroom we see new technology emerging not only in the form of computers, but also in the form of guided ciriculum. Teachers have many new resources popping up left and right with the click of a button. Tools to help track, gauge, and […]

Sensor Season

What do nurses, soldiers, and the Buffalo Bills all have in common? Radio frequency identification device technology. These tiny yet durable chips will soon be found in NFL  uniforms across all 32 teams by requirement during select sporting events. This September will be the beginning of the season and it is sure to be a thrilling […]

The Future of Business

    The future of business is reshaping in front of our eyes and it is clear that we now have more information than we know how to properly comprehend. Nathan Kinch is a bright young man who knew how to say it best in his latest article on LinkedIn.”I believe that we now reside […]

Global Collaboration for Brain Disease

Unfortunately, most of us have seen loved ones who have suffered the effects of a brain abnormalities such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. According to the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) we spend $400 billion per year on mental health patients, half of which goes solely to those plagued by Alzheimer’s. In other countries such as China, […]

An Exciting Technology Era

In order to stay on top of todays current technology advancements, we like to pay close attention to the most exciting ideas that come from companies such as Microsoft. For this article we will look into what the new Vice President of Microsoft’s research department is working on. At the Blue Sky Research facility, Peter Lee […]

Data Launch

With the recent launch of NASA’s OCO-2 craft, we can see new promises of reducing global warming’s harmful effects on the horizon. This Orbiting Carbon Observatory is NASA’s lone successful space craft responsible for tracking the atmosphere’s carbon activity. The importance of this project is to begin analyzing data collected from OCO-2 as well as […]

The Complexity of our Ecosystem

Every living being plays a key role in the ecosystem. We see this as a complex system because each creature affects the next in a way which we begin to see quite well as Defaunation takes place. Defaunation is a term for the decline in a species numbers, which can be rapidly increased by factors such […]

Feeding the Economy

Focusing our attention  on who eats what could be one of the more important topics this country has seen lately. Health has always been at the top of our daily list but it has become a priority again as we look at different options for nutrition. Some countries are now utilizing their oat and barley […]