Greater Spokane Incorporated Case Study

GSI Case Study

ChalkLabs has worked with regional chambers and municipal institutions to apply advanced analytics enabling Economic Development.  By integrating PushGraph® into individual regional selection criteria, ChalkLabs is able to design targeted recruitment strategies that support an organization’s efforts to identify key drivers for relocation or growth within a community or region.  The ChalkLabs Economic Development Solution allows an organization to effectively visualize their prospective targets, and identify key stakeholders required to engage in discussion on evaluating the value proposition of the region.

How can Big Data help the utilities industry?

How Does Big Data Improve Utilities?

The utilities industry deals with a lot of data. From infrastructure to customer usage, and fgrids to weather monitoring systems. But how can the industry use that data to improve products and services? What started as manually reading meters has changed as technology has evolved. Fortunately, the collection of data has become much more sophisticated. But as more and more data is collected every day, utility companies still struggle to analyze it all.

Basically, there are two main ways to use data to improve the utilities industry. Use it to improve customer services and products, and to improve operational efficiency. This is where our platform comes in to play. Our Pushgraph® platform can handle huge collections of data points and offers real-time computing and visualizations. The utilities industry can use big data analytics to help study and identify patterns of correlated human behavior and energy usage.

Utility companies have been utilizing our Pushgraph® data fusion solutions for Smart Cities. To learn more about Smart Cities, read this recent article published by CNBC.

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