An Exciting Technology Era

In order to stay on top of todays current technology advancements, we like to pay close attention to the most exciting ideas that come from companies such as Microsoft. For this article we will look into what the new Vice President of Microsoft’s research department is working on.
At the Blue Sky Research facility, Peter Lee is aiming to add a real-time translation capability to Skype. This next big step in the science of translation could make a substantial difference in the world of  business for consumers worldwide. By constructing a translation application for the current version of Skype, users will be able to talk to foreign business associates or anyone around the globe in the consumer’s language of choice. This would begin to change the way we communicate and increase work productivity around the globe.
The current programs made by Microsoft like Bing voice search services, are just the beginnings of very useful applications of voice recognition computing. By the end of this year, the new version of Skype is due to be ready for launch. The use of such an exciting new tool will eventually help us break down the barriers of language that we face worldwide.  Quantum computing and machine learning are also being further researched at the Blue Sky facility as well.
These seemingly small tweaks in Microsoft’s product technology could be profound advances in our generation of scientific computing. The scientific discoveries behind those ideas are what make our economy and its complex system thrive. The analysis of big data also plays a role in these new strides toward translational computing. Any company who has use of such products could be at the head of the industry today. Looking into past trends and events in the world of scientific technology can show what amazing things lie in our future.(2014 Digital Summit;