Pushgraph® Overview and Features

At ChalkLabs we’re all about powering Knowledge Discovery. We know that data collection doesn’t matter unless businesses, educational institutions, disease research foundations, and government organizations can organize, visualize, and analyze that data. That’s why we focus on more than platforms; we focus on solutions to real-world problems. Here’s a quick Pushgraph® overview. 

At its core, Pushgraph® is a lightning-fast analytics and data visualization platform with an easy-to-use interface. We’ve created a flexible, sustainable, and cost-effective tool that develops long-lasting solutions and relationships.

Leading features include in-memory computing, predictive analysis, semantic search, visual analytics, and security protocols. Visit the Pushgraph section of our website to learn more, or call us to ask for a demo and Pushgraph® overview: 812-250-8649

USDA Case Study

USDA Case Study

In 2013, ChalkLabs developed a novel research portfolio management solution for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, a research arm of the US Department of Agriculture. This solution allows directors, national program leaders, national program staff, and communications specialists the ability to visually identify latent relationships, identify overlaps, and identify gaps within the grants and research programs that they fund. This solution immediately generated a cost efficiency of 96% on average for two common types of interagency and Congressional requests the agency receives. This new solution is saving the agency hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.