WSU Case Study

In 2016, Washington State University (WSU) contracted with ChalkLabs to build a solution for higher-ed. This new solution will provide WSU with a competitive advantage in amongst their peers in many different areas including human resources, research programming, and competitive intelligence. Feedback from users has been excellent so far in regard to the research outputs produced and how much time and money this new solution will save the university compared to previous tools and processes used for such activities.

A List of Big Data Breaches in 2016

2016 was a big year for most of us with a lot of changes. And we can’t argue that there was definitely a lot of stuff going on. While we had many advancements in technology, we also still struggled to keep our information safe, as illustrated by some pretty big data breaches.

You can view the full list of data breaches here. The list includes big names like Yahoo, JP Morgan Chase, eBay, MySpace, and Home Depot. Plus, the site is a great example of visual data.

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Happy New Year!

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