EPA Case Study

EPA Case Study

Working with various research scientists, ChalkLabs developed a novel solution to help EPA facilitate coordination among its various intramural and extramural research activities. For the first time, the scientists were able to visualize their programming laid out in an orthogonal map allowing them to compare and contrast projects from disparate programs and identify overlaps and gaps for future programming.

Greater Spokane Incorporated Case Study

GSI Case Study

ChalkLabs has worked with regional chambers and municipal institutions to apply advanced analytics enabling Economic Development.  By integrating PushGraph® into individual regional selection criteria, ChalkLabs is able to design targeted recruitment strategies that support an organization’s efforts to identify key drivers for relocation or growth within a community or region.  The ChalkLabs Economic Development Solution allows an organization to effectively visualize their prospective targets, and identify key stakeholders required to engage in discussion on evaluating the value proposition of the region.

National Institutes of Health Case Study

In 2009, ChalkLabs was hired to help the National Institutes of Health (NIH) analyze their $26 BN portfolio of grants. The NIH wanted to learn more about which institutes were performing what types of research and if there were gaps or overlaps in funding, research, and personnel. They wanted to do this in a way that captured the semantics across subject areas regardless of the title of a given grant.

In order to accomplish these goals, ChalkLabs created a novel portfolio analysis tool whereby administrators, analysts, or researchers can quickly search, navigate, cross-reference, visualize, and export their large-scale data analyses in a web-based, real-time, easy-to-use, intuitive fashion. Rather than simply searching for keyword matches, our portfolio analysis finds thematic and semantic similarities, allowing users to access a broader and more thorough view of their data.

USDA Case Study

USDA Case Study

In 2013, ChalkLabs developed a novel research portfolio management solution for the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, a research arm of the US Department of Agriculture. This solution allows directors, national program leaders, national program staff, and communications specialists the ability to visually identify latent relationships, identify overlaps, and identify gaps within the grants and research programs that they fund. This solution immediately generated a cost efficiency of 96% on average for two common types of interagency and Congressional requests the agency receives. This new solution is saving the agency hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

WSU Case Study

In 2016, Washington State University (WSU) contracted with ChalkLabs to build a solution for higher-ed. This new solution will provide WSU with a competitive advantage in amongst their peers in many different areas including human resources, research programming, and competitive intelligence. Feedback from users has been excellent so far in regard to the research outputs produced and how much time and money this new solution will save the university compared to previous tools and processes used for such activities.

Gartner & Challenges in Big Data

We all know about the Big Data “revolution” by now. There are vast benefits when using Big Data analytics tools for insight, but with all major technology breakthroughs, there will always be challenges to overcome. The following points were found in a recent article by Gartner.com and the information is very helpful. Gartner, “the world’s leading information and technology research and advisory company”, goes over the challenges that companies and individuals are now facing in the world of knowledge discovery, aka Big Data. Information strategy, data analysis, and enterprise information management are all the topics covered that one must address to overcome such hurdles in I.T.

With more than half of the U.S. now using the Cloud, the number of users for a given Cloud platform and the opinions of the professionals ranking said institutions give great insight into the value of a given solution. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a Cloud services provider, meets 92% of the requirements for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) standards and 100% in other areas like security. AWS is the leader in cloud IaaS. As an AWS technology partner, ChalkLabs offers services for the Cloud including the GovCloud for the public sector. Between shifting data to the cloud and turning Big Data into knowledge, companies have their hands full. ChalkLabs specialized and professional team of knowledge discovery experts are here to help you through it all, every step of the way.

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