The Future of Business

    The future of business is reshaping in front of our eyes and it is clear that we now have more information than we know how to properly comprehend. Nathan Kinch is a bright young man who knew how to say it best in his latest article on LinkedIn.”I believe that we now reside in the era of context.” He proclaimed. He then goes further to explain the importance of understanding the use of context pertaining to immense sets of data looming overhead many entrepreneurs. The data  collected from social media sites, the history of transactions at places of business, or even the weather patterns in your area are data gold mines that can be harvested and assessed with a platform like Pushgraph to provide a visual analysis of your past and future business patterns. Knowledge of what lies ahead in business is a huge advantage over those who just guess what may affect consumers tomorrow. Data is useless without context powered knowledge to analyze it. Imagine using a platform that provides context for different domains that also shows visuals for a useful analysis of your data. Say for example you are the owner of a bank and you are stumped as to why last Tuesday you only saw 100 customers instead of the usual 300 every other day of the week. Maybe the construction down the road is to blame or the local parade that was outside that day. Maybe the extreme fluctuation is due to the new employee who is making mistakes with regular customers and is only working on Tuesdays. Now the technology exists to let you plug-in those data points to provide enlightenment into your business future. Variables and factors that fit your situation combined with the data that resides within them will let you see your future gains or losses. Now there doesn’t have to be such a thing as randomly horrible days of revenue. You could be a leader in your industry with capabilities far beyond that of your competition utilizing Pushgaph. Customize a strategy for the success of your future business. Only the most tech savvy entrepreneurs are proactive enough to use these Big Data analytics tools to open the doorway into the next realm of business. Don’t be left behind. (2014 LinkedIn: Welcome to the Next Era of Context)