Health Care Data Markets

On Septemer 9th, Merck announced a partnership with Maccabi which is one of the largest health care providers in Israel. The proposed impetus for this partnership was so that Merck can use their data to track disease histories and the success or failure of medications over a set of patients lifespans. Does Merck have better tools than Maccabi to study and analyze their data? Right now probably and they obviously have the resources, but even small- and middle-tier health care management providers are sitting on large amounts of data and they are just beginning to understand the inherent value of this data. At some point these folks will acquire the technical expertise in-house to study, analyze, and subsequently sell these analyses to others. Very reminiscent of the Content is King debate …

ChalkLabs is now an Amazon Technology Partner

ChalkLabs is now among the first AWS Partners ever to gain public designation as a Standard Technology Partner. Thank you Amazon! We are looking forward to taking advantage of all the partnership has to offer.


Fuse Innovative Business Award 2011

ChalkLabs awarded 2011 Fuse Innovative Business award yesterday. It was a surprise and a great honor. Thank you to everyone who has helped make ChalkLabs a success.

IU Informatics Career Fair

ChalkLabs was awarded a position to serve as an IU Informatics Career Fair sponsor. Many Thanks to Jeremy Podany and Dennis Groth at IU. We’re very appreciative of the opportunity.


ChalkLabs will continue working with the NIH on a new grant portfolio analysis and visualization tool. This work is a continuation of an effort started two years ago.


ChalkLabs CEO presented a talk on RSS Modeling and Simulation at the ASNE GDDS symposium held in Bloomington, IN, in September 13-14, 2011.

ChalkLabs & Polis Center

ChalkLabs will work with the Polis Center at IUPUI on a proposal to develop novel social network analysis software.


NIH Research Tool

ChalkLabs has been awarded follow-on contract to continue work started last year on a novel grant research analysis tool for the National Institutes of Health.