Considering a Cloud-Computing Platform

In your eyes, what might be the most important part of making your business excel? Using customer input and activity online to design individualized plans for future gains may be the new way to go.

Before data became “Big Data”, companies in banking, medicine, marketing, and service industries alike relied on customer feedback via website commentary or reviews received from customer service employees within the company for knowledge of any issues pertaining to products being offered. Now you may want to consider a better way to ensure customer satisfaction.

Tracking and monitoring customer activity and the use of predictive analytic applications to view your site’s visitors and activeties might help you ensure knowledge of future purchase choices and utilize helpful insight into marketing strategies for the future. While other companies speed ahead using customer data to improve overall business knowledge, you may be considering which tools for predictive analytics you could be benefiting from. Knowing what Cloud-Computing company to choose may be the hardest part of joining the Cloud revolution. Cloud storage is a main-stream business asset for the safety and access of your most important data now. Ensuring that the Cloud-Computing platform that you are evaluating is built by those who have years of experience is a good start. You may want to pick professionals with expertise in building Cloud platforms and providing visualization and analytical direction for your company data. Regarding your company, you might begin by investigating into Pushgraph and the other Cloud-Computing services that we offer at ChalkLabs.

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Who’s Already Benefiting from The Cloud?

In order to evolve as a country we learn how to make the way we do business more and more efficient everyday. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important in most areas of business due to the advantage of having important information in a safe place that is also easily accessible to others in your company.

The retail industry is at the top of our list of those who are already using the Cloud. Most of us have experienced by now the speed at which offers are customized and sent to our e-mail in-boxes due to a previous purchase from a website. Products and offers are now being based off of our past purchases and used to provide better insight into our future needs. Efforts to predict the needs of consumers have seemed to increased  thanks to the use of predictive analytics within the Cloud. Retailers are clearly taking advantage of Cloud benefits which show through improved channel operations, marketing, merchandising, and attention to customer service. And why not? Results from the retail industry demonstrate how Cloud-Computing can catapult your company into the future of our technology savvy atmosphere.

Business men and women of the Legal Industry are also pleased to have a better technique for data storage in a safe and secure environment that’s accessible company-wide. In fact nearly 75% of various attorneys claim they will be making use of  a Cloud this year. Reduction of I.T. personnel costs are an added bonus to making the switch from traditional data storage to a Cloud.

Bankers are also one of the first to jump on the band wagon for better productivity and responsiveness to improve customer service. New programs for employee use are being launched country-wide for easy enhancement of current software being used. Designed around the needs of each customer are ways to track effective marketing strategies to better understand what your customers needs are or what they may be in the future according to past data input. A standard level of security and structure within your Cloud Platform can lead to heightened overall competency among bankers as well. Enhancement of business as a whole could be the result of the shift into utilizing Cloud technologies for an array of industries.

Security seems to be the only concern left among the general public but this is only a valid concern if you don’t know the proper standards in security to look for when choosing a company to host your Cloud and provide your company services. Companies such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) are being named the new leaders in Public Cloud Computing because they provide good security and advanced protection for your most relevant company data and information. When you know who has the ability to provide what your company needs to be at it’s best, it may not be such a tough transition into the world of the Cloud for you any longer. ( 2014) ( 2014) (mashable 2014)image

In the “Age of Big Data”, How is Education Improving?

The analytical use of data is creeping into everyday life. In the classroom we see new technology emerging not only in the form of computers, but also in the form of guided ciriculum. Teachers have many new resources popping up left and right with the click of a button. Tools to help track, gauge, and educate the next generation of pupils are now used to understand how each individual student is better able to learn and grow from specific assignments. Education program subscriptions like ThinkCERCA claim to be, “A school wide solution for critical thinking and literacy instruction across disciplines”, as described on the website. ( Teachers can easily use ThinkCERCA’s applications to assign lessons according to pre-determined levels assigned to each student. Students can then read and finish assignments online, leaving a chance for others to comment on and evaluate their work for continued editing opportunities all the while practicing speaking and listening skills as well. Teachers are able to view the

Whitworth College Pirates Flag

Whitworth College Pirates Flag

assignments online through the whole learning process and can grade various assignments in need of inspection. Retaining logs through the site can also lead to future gains made by educators via analysis of past data kept from each student. Specific paths of learning can be formed through this process. College prep is important to help ensure the success of next fleet of tech savvy young. ThinkCERCA was created by nationally accredited researchers of 30 years to provide the framework needed to let students excel in todays high-tech world. Active learning engages students and helps keep attention fully on the lessons at hand, at the students own pace. Building a smart way for the next generation of pupils to succeed is truly being captured by ThinkCERCA. ( (

Sensor Season

Photo credit: Jeanette May

Photo credit: Jeanette May

What do nurses, soldiers, and the Buffalo Bills all have in common? Radio frequency identification device technology. These tiny yet durable chips will soon be found in NFL  uniforms across all 32 teams by requirement during select sporting events. This September will be the beginning of the season and it is sure to be a thrilling one.

There are 17 stadiums here in the U.S. that are equipped with receivers specific to the radio frequency needed to match the sensors. Once in use during future games they may provide coaches and broadcasters (once authorized by the Competition Committee) with important statistics associated with distance and speed of each individual being followed, et. al. Game-changing advances in technology bring hope of bringing a new competitive advantage to each team. This is only the half of it, however. Once the new data begins pouring in from game to game, how will it be stored and evaluated for predictive benefits? Data is essentially useless without a proper plan for storage and analysis. The Pushgraph platform, for example,  can do far more than just give NFL affiliates information. Once fed data from the player devices and it can turn that information into comparative metrics and visualizations for simple evaluations of player to player statistics. Pushgraph is specifically designed to identify such patterns crucial to advanced planning and decision-making in the future. It will certainly be a different NFL than in years past. (2014