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Health Care Data Markets

On Septemer 9th, Merck announced a partnership with Maccabi which is one of the largest health care providers in Israel. The proposed impetus for this partnership was so that Merck can use their data to track disease histories and the success or failure of medications over a set of patients lifespans. Does Merck have better […]

Getting Out of the Rut

Scholastic Assessment Test, or SAT, scores were a big thing in high school.  Everyone wanted to know everyone else’s score so they could numerically compare one person’s intelligence to their own.  And sure, the SAT accomplishes what you would expect a standardized test to accomplish, but Vanderbilt professors Harrison J. Kell, David Lubinski, Camilla P. […]

The Unifying Theory of Intelligence (?)

If someone were to tell you that there was a single equation that could accurately describe the incredible breadth and diversity of intelligent behavior, you’d probably look at them and scoff. How could any single equation possibly capture everything from the choice between what to wear in the morning and what move to make in […]

Protecting Personal Data

Patenting technology and research is common practice in most science fields, but what happens when biotechnology companies start patenting products of nature? Dan Munro addresses the upcoming Supreme Court hearing in his article “Data War Reaches Supreme Court” for Forbes. Human genes are becoming subject to patents at an increasing rate, restricting the research done […]

Big Computing to Cure Disease

People can soon donate their computer’s idle time to the advancement of science at no cost. In June, nonprofit organization Quantum Cures will begin utilizing the unused processing power of our idle devices to cure diseases. Most people carry around smart phones and tablets that represent great strides in the accessibility of machines capable of […]

The Petabyte Age Deconstructs the Scientific Method

Scientific method has recently been called out by Peter Norvig, Google’s research director, at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in March 2008 when he offered an update to George Box’s maxim: “All models are wrong, and increasingly you can succeed without them.” Chris Anderson of Wired reported on the potential shift in the scientific method […]

Gray Box Model

Cloud computing has the advantage of being much more flexible than similar hardware-based services.  However, cloud services tend to fall behind when it comes to database-intensive applications due to limitations in hard drive speeds.  Updating data in a hard drive is the limiting factor for most computers nowadays, as the process is limited by the […]

Data Driven Media

The uses of Big Data are expanding beyond the technological and business worlds into the realm of entertainment. In regards to this expansion, The New York Times ran an article by David Carr, “Giving Viewers What They Want,” which addressed the growing uses of Big Data within the media industry. There is debate about whether […]

Big Data and Weather Forecasting

In his article “How Big Data Can Boost Weather Forecasting” for Wired, author Steve Hamm discusses how Big Data analysis techniques are being used to more accurately predict weather patterns. As his first example, Hamm discusses how the Korean Metrological Administration (KMA) is working to upgrade its predictive systems in order to better prepare the […]