Map-Based Visualizations

Map-Based Visualizations

When I say the word “data” what do you think of? Probably pages and pages of single-spaced Times New Roman with math symbols and 0.5-inch margins. I’m getting sleepy just thinking about that version of data. The good news is; Data visualization does not have to be boring or hard to read and interpret. Enter: map-based visualizations

Presenting data visually not only helps people understand what you’re showing them (and aids in remembering it), it helps to engage your audience and prove your point. Map-based visualizations are a great way to do that. To prove our point, here’s a list of 7 awesome map-based visualizations.

Map-Based Visualizations Show Data (They Don’t Just Tell It)

Map-based visualizations are a great way to show incredible amounts of data. These data visualizations have become increasingly popular with infographics and maps because these tools help readers to quickly spot trends and make decisions based on the data that would be difficult to see without this presentation.

There’s almost no limit to the number of ways visualizations can be used to organize data and show trends, from communication, transportation, demographics, technology use, utilities… we’ve even seen collections of favorite television shows by location.

If you know of any cool map-based visualizations or infographics, drop the link in the comments so we can check them out.