ChalkLabs hires new Chief Operating Officer

Effective today, ChalkLabs has hired Marty Donnelly to be their Chief Operating Officer (COO). Marty brings many years of proven experience and leadership to the ChalkLabs team. Marty will be directing the development of the company as ChalkLabs continues to embark upon new projects and partnerships.

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ChalkLabs SciTech Strategies SBIR proposal

ChalkLabs will collaborate with Scitech Strategies on their NIH Phase II proposal. Both ChalkLabs and Scitech were asked to submit a Phase II proposal to follow on their research on novel information visualization techniques for large-scale data problems.

ChalkLabs NIH SBIR Phase I

Today ChalkLabs was awarded a Phase I SBIR contract with the National Institutes of Health to research new information visualization techniques for large-scale biomedical research data.

NIH Contract

ChalkLabs has won a contract with the National Institutes of Health to develop a novel grant research analysis tool. This tool will allow policy analysts, program managers, and program officers the ability to analyze the NIH’s extremely large research portfolio.

Information Visualization Conference ’09

A paper by ChalkLabs was recently accepted for presentation at the 13th annual International Information Visualization conference in Barcelona, Spain.

Working with researchers from the Information Sciences Institute (ISI)

ChalkLabs is working with a small group of researchers from UC-Irvine and the Information Sciences Institute at USC to develop a new type of data visualization browser to generate simple, real-time visualizations and visual analytics to allow policy analysts to discover knowledge of interest within various data sets.

New version of Wikipedia visualization featured in Infosthetics

An updated version of Bruce Herr’s Wikipedia visualization was published in Information Aesthetics. See:

Chalklabs visualization in Places & Spaces

A map recently generated by our CTO will be featured in the 5th iteration of Places & Spaces: Mapping Science run by Dr. Katy Börner, the Victor H. Yngve Professor of Information Science in the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University.

Mind-Alliance Systems

Mind-Alliance Systems, LLC ( provides web-enabled services designed to help enterprises improve the flow of critical information and collaboration. Mind-Alliance selected ChalkLabs to build a new prototype application for one of their service offerings.