Big Data Can Have a Big Impact on Government

Big Data Can Have a Big Impact on Government

If you’re a follower of data analytics, you’ve probably heard of the Big Data “Revolution” that’s taking many industries by storm. Big Data has been the talk of the town, recently, and it’s for good reason. You may not realize it yet, but there is a lot to gain by utilizing the information extracted from Big Data. That information can be used to guide and improve the future of many companies and organizations, including those within our own government.

Consider, for a moment, USAID, a government organization that works to feed the world’s hungry and provide new and untapped resources to those who live in some of the poorest regions in the world.

Right now, USAID is working on meeting some big goals, and every dollar of funding needs to go to the right place, the right resource, and at the right time to make the biggest impact. USAID works tirelessly to bring goods and services to market for those who cannot reach them. The work that USAID does, impacts millions of people all over the globe.

In 2014, a report titled, “Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values,” posits that “properly implemented Big Data will become a historic driver of progress, helping our nation perpetuate the civic and economic dynamism that has long been its hallmark.”

But how do we take big benefits from big data?
We’ve developed a platform called Pushgraph that can help simplify the process of combing through Big Data, but also the process of reviewing the results and making decisions.

Pushgraph can identify and remove duplicated projects for large organizations. It can uncover redundant or outdated business operations that can be closed or improved. With its visual analytics and predictive analysis, you’ll get proactive insight into future decision-making and trends.

Some government agencies, such as the NIH, USDA, and USAID are already making use of the insights and knowledge that Big Data offers, and these organizations achieved a 2,083% ROI by using Pushgraph PaaS.

Pushgraph PaaS is designed to process large amounts of structured and unstructured data at speeds which far surpass some of our competitors. ChalkLabs’ professionals build your applications on this incredible platform by analyzing and modeling your existing workflows. We are highly experienced in consulting, data management, web development, and are dedicated to ensuring you get the best ROI possible.

We offer better metrics than all of our leading competitors, an easy-to-use interface, and fast deployment time. Pushgraph will save your large organizations time and money.